Saturday, 27 May 2017

Steps to Consider When Buying New Car

Deciding to buy a car to a majority of people, may be a major purchase in their life. In such a situation, one has to think very critically concerning what you want to avoid any impulse decision. In the process of buying a car, you should list the type of choices you desire about your needs and remain constant to your choice to prevent any wrong decisions. You have to first consider the following points:

· Your budget, establish your budget and don’t go past that budget. 
· The type of car that you need, here you consider whether you require a big MPV in which you can carry your whole family in it, or if you need just a small car to avoid a lot of congestion on the roads.

· Decide on what kind of brand you need, you list a few brands before making a final selection. When you don't select few brands, deciding on too many names at times can be very hectic and time-consuming.

The moment you are done considering the above points, and then you should have a short list of about five car models in which you will choose from. When undergoing a car selection and buying process, you will encounter very soothing individuals who are perfect in twisting your mind. You have to be firm and stick to your previous decision.

· When is the best time to purchase a car?
At most, the newly launched brands of cars have very high costs. You have to be patient and take your time till the price of the car drops then you take a step in purchasing the car. Buyers are frequently attracted by, promotions, roadshows, and anniversary discounts. The prices of the cars are jacked up before the cuts are made. Thus, you should not make any vast purchase decision during the “promotions.” The sincere moment when prices go down is only during the decrease in COE prices. Thus this is the right time to buy a car. The perfect time to visit a showroom is during weekdays when there is no congestion, and it’s when the dealer while concentrate more.

· Which is the perfect place to purchase a car
The ideal places are Ubi and Leng Kee car belts since they have higher concentration when it comes to a lawful supplier showroom. The parallel distributor dealers are at most located at seven car marts in the entire Singapore.

· What should you do at the show room
A showroom is where you first look at the car before making a choice in buying the car. It’s not advisable to walk alone into a showroom, you should be accompanied by either your family or even the closest friend since they will help you with a few pieces of advice. In a showroom, there is always a salesperson who will serve you. You have to tell him/her the type of car you want or the car models that you want. By doing so, he will explain to you all about the cars you want. Here, you need to consider the model which goes well with your budget and also which meets your requirements very correctly. You don’t have any responsibility to buy a car according to the salesperson who serves you. You have to purchase a car based on your choice and not according to the seller's choice.

· What to do during the test drive
There is no reason for you to just test drive the models in your list. People who buy cars for the first time may find it hard to differentiate whether a car is good or bad. Thus, when going for a test drive in a showroom, request your friends or family to accompany you since you need a response from the passengers too. The comfort of the car should not only be enjoyed by you. Taking some people is also important since you will know how the car performs when heavily loaded.

· How should a car negotiation go
When going into a negotiation, you should not carry less money than which has been listed in the price tag. When negotiating with the sales person, make sure that he/she is offering a discount which is more than what the company is presenting to a standard buyer. If he/she doesn't agree, then you can negotiate with another salesperson. The moment the salesman has estimated the discount, request for a higher rebate. You have to act like some of your relatives or friends are in need of the same car. Mention to the salesperson that he will get all the contracts the moment he agrees on your discount. If he totally disagrees, then ask for freebies. Normally, they are good at giving freebies that discounts.

· How should the color be chosen
A car model is a priority before deciding on the color. Because particular colors are not available for individual models. Despite the fact that the color of a vehicle is a personal liking, there should be rational thinking applied here. Metallic colors such as silver and champagne are advisable for your car. But the white and black cars may be challenging to manage since they don’t hide any scratches or even dirt. They will often need you to wax and polish them.

· How long does it take to wait for a car
To purchase a car is not the same as having to go to the market and get goods after paying (cash-and-carry). The average waiting period for a car is about two weeks to even six months. You have to check with the salesperson the kind of time you will wait to get a car. Thus, this should be done before you buy the car.

· How to make the booking
It’s always advisable to carry your I/C and also an income proof when making a reservation. The income proof is required during the loan application. Next, you place the booking fee so as to confirm your order. The payments are normally via Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or Nets. The sales executive will confirm to you the next stage of your payment. Finally, the next stage is two weeks before you collect the car.